Already six weeks

  My days paraded to the rhythm of the team, a certain form of serenity growing deep inside me …   Forty-five days ago, I placed my feet on Canadian soil, with the goal of changing my life completely. I must say that, for the moment, things are going pretty well! A gamble, which mayLire la suite « Already six weeks »

A new daily routine

  The quietness is however short lived, the silence broke as soon as I approached the harnesses…   It was their way of showing their will to go; their desire to work. They were 50, and yet only 14 would be taken for the first round. And they knew it very well! As soon as ILire la suite « A new daily routine »

Welcome to Alayuk Adventures

  Marcelle arrived shortly before 7:30 pm and I was on my way to Alayuk Adventures!   My luggage loaded into the trunk, we get into the warm car and drive on the South Alaska Highway. Two strangers meeting for the first time – despite a few exchanges of emails, we knew nothing about eachLire la suite « Welcome to Alayuk Adventures »

The long-awaited day – Part 2

  Canada was so close now…   I sit on the 10K seat. For the first time in my life, I travelled middle class and it’s pretty cool, I have to admit! Tons of space for my legs, despite the big bag at my feet, and even more attentive hostesses. This was Condor’s last flightLire la suite « The long-awaited day – Part 2 »

The long-awaited day – Part 1

  Impatient and excited, too: happy for this very next departure!   And here I am, waiting for my trip to Whitehorse, only a flight from Frankfurt separates me from my dream… The day before I finally managed to pack my luggage. Okay, I have to admit, it wasn’t “easy” easy. I had to sitLire la suite « The long-awaited day – Part 1 »